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Top 12 Questions on Using a Balanced Name

9) Is it true that only people who are in financial trouble change their names?

Although it is true people change their names for many different reasons, thousands of people change their names to balanced names for the sole purpose of bringing greater harmony, happiness, and health into their lives. Many of these people were already successful financially but success in other areas of their lives remained elusive. They recognized that their Name Report was accurate.

A balanced name can help to bring greater financial stability and success. The complete harmony that is the potential of a balanced name is not limited to material stability. The harmony in balanced names energizes physical health and well-being, and strengthens mental balance. These, in turn, create harmonious relationships, develop mental strengths, and unfold the inner potential into new constructive channels. A practical and objective perspective on how to develop our inner potential is possible as this new awareness brings a new level of happiness and fulfillment into our lives.

The Kabalarian Philosophy has been giving balanced name recommendations since the 1930s. Today, name change is accepted in our society and does not indicate an avoidance of any financial trouble. It represents a growing acceptance of the very real influence of the power of name in creating the conditions of one’s life.

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1) With a balanced name will I lose the positive qualities of my existing names?

2) Would it be too difficult professionally for me to make a name change?

3) I identify with my name. Would the transition be too difficult?

4) Is it difficult to present a name change to business contacts, family, friends, and acquaintances?

5) Would it be a slap in my parents’ face to change my name?

6) Do I need to know more before making this change?

7) When I change my name to a balanced name, my wife changes hers, and we change our children's names, would we all have to have different last names?

8) Is it legally complicated to change my name?

9) Is it true that only people who are in financial trouble change their names?

10) Will I lose my memories and forget who I am?

11) “A name is a name.” Can't you make it work for you if you really want it to?

12) Am I too old for a name change?