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The Kabalarian Philosophy Organization

Our philosophy is universal; our essence is love is understanding, and our objective is happiness and mental freedom for all.

The Kabalarian Philosophy is dedicated to share with all humanity the understanding of the natural laws of life which, if constructively applied, can create and maintain a harmonious balance between the physical body, the mind, and the universal spiritual life force within, which is part of all forms of existence.

The Kabalarian Philosophy was founded by Alfred J. Parker in the 1930s. The study of the Kabalarian Philosophy is taught through the Society of Kabalarians of Canada. The Society of Kabalarians of Canada is a non-profit, philosophical organization assisting the community through charitable efforts both humanitarian and financial. Its main centre is in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with student centres in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, and in The Netherlands. Hundreds of correspondence students from all over the world study the Kabalarian Philosophy. The organization is run by hundreds of volunteers, who are also students of the Kabalarian Philosophy. Each centre is managed by Centre Representatives assisted by volunteers who teach classes and assist new students.