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The Questions of Life -- Answered

The Kabalarian Philosophy contains the wisdom of life and proves all things through the Mathematical Principle. The Kabalarian Philosophy is a complete philosophy of life. It is yours to prove to yourself. Through the study and application of this philosophy each of us can grow mentally and spiritually.

1. What is Life?

Life is the essence of time and experience. We need to seek the basic reason of our being. The plan of life is within oneself.

2. Why are we here?

We are here to fulfil our potential in life. We are born on a certain day and thus our potential is created. We are here for a definite purpose as life is not happenstance. There is reason behind all things.

3. What is life based upon?

When you study life you will find that life is based upon a basic principle that is universal to all people. You must work within the basic principle of life - The Mathematical Principle. All things can be measured and all things are measured with mathematics. Mathematics is an infallible universal law.

4. Are we born with a soul?

To be born with a soul would nullify the reason for life and remove the need for growth and evolution. Living your purpose in life creates your soul. You get what you work for; nothing comes from nothing.

5. What is Mind?

Your mind is the sum total of your thoughts. Simply put: thoughts are things, be they good or bad. Your life is a reflection of your mind. Your mind is created by your name.

6. What is God?

God is a principle to be understood through mind. All life is an expression of God the Principle and there is nothing outside of God. God is life and the potential behind life. In the Kabalarian Philosophy, God is not a person.

7. What is meant by the Power of the Word?

The Power of the Word describes the powerful influence of language. Language allows us to think, analyze, deduce, and make comparison. It gives meaning to every thought, every act, and even to life itself.

8. What is truth?

Truth is logic and reason. Truth is the basis of life and the essence of God the Principle. To know truth is to know the reason for life.

9. How do we solve the problems of life?

Wisdom encompasses the answers to all problems.

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