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Top 12 Questions on Using a Balanced Name

2) Would it be too difficult professionally for me to make a name change?

People from virtually every walk of life have balanced their names through the Kabalarian Philosophy—university professors, lawyers, certified accountants, engineers, architects, and many others—and have benefited from a balanced name. If stage actors and well-known writers can change their names, you can too! Don’t let the perceived difficulty stop you from bringing greater harmony and balance into your life through a balanced name.

It does take effort to make a name change, but the rewards are very real and tangible. If the key weaknesses in your thinking slowly diminished and disappeared, what would be the net result in your life? This is what you should focus on with a change to a balanced name.

At first, you might be concerned or even afraid of the reactions of others to your name change. However, if you acknowledge that your current names are holding you back, you will seize the opportunity and face the challenge and make the change. For most people, a name change will not be a major concern. Some will be intrigued; others will be ambivalent. Some family members will scoff; others will accept. But in the bigger picture, only you get to live your life. Only you face the challenges and opportunities of your life. If you live your life with a balanced name, you will have the power of the balanced name assisting you to bring greater happiness and many more opportunities to create a successful life.

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1) With a balanced name will I lose the positive qualities of my existing names?

2) Would it be too difficult professionally for me to make a name change?

3) I identify with my name. Would the transition be too difficult?

4) Is it difficult to present a name change to business contacts, family, friends, and acquaintances?

5) Would it be a slap in my parents’ face to change my name?

6) Do I need to know more before making this change?

7) When I change my name to a balanced name, my wife changes hers, and we change our children's names, would we all have to have different last names?

8) Is it legally complicated to change my name?

9) Is it true that only people who are in financial trouble change their names?

10) Will I lose my memories and forget who I am?

11) “A name is a name.” Can't you make it work for you if you really want it to?

12) Am I too old for a name change?