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A Healthy Lifestyle

The Kabalarian Philosophy stresses the importance of a moderate vegetarian diet, emotional control, constructive thinking, deep breathing, and physical fitness through exercise. The Kabalarian perspective of healthy living is a tested combination of many practices that have been in use throughout the world for centuries by healthy people.

While the food we eat has an obvious impact on well-being, our mental state also directly affects our health. Should an imbalance occur in our thinking, a corresponding imbalance will occur in our body. Many people notice that when upset through sadness, anger, jealousy, moodiness, etc, they soon feel unwell or become sick. This is not a coincidence.

Discussed in the article You are Your Name, our name creates who we are. It determines the main qualities of our personality, which can be positive or negative. Likewise, specific health strengths and weaknesses are created by the name. If we have balance in mind and are physically relaxed, our potential heath weaknesses will not be as evident. But, if we have mental or physical tension, health weaknesses will begin show.

A change of name to a balanced name contributes to a balanced mind, which soon shows in less mental and physical tension and better health free of recurring disease. Yet it is important to remember that diet also plays a significant role in health. These concepts are taught in the Kabalarian Philosophy.

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