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You Are Your Name

What makes Peter independent and original?
Why is Ruby so expressive?
Why is Terry versatile and driven by a challenge?

Your mind is created by your name. In other words: you are your name.

The Kabalarian Philosophy uncovers the mystery of mind by teaching the profound study of mind and from where thought originates.

Although your name may seem like a simple collection of letters, it is actually extremely meaningful. Your name creates your unique personality, thoughts, desires, attitudes, likes and dislikes, ideals and goals. It determines your degree of happiness, inner peace, and success.

The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches how anyone can understand the power of name. Using a key chart (pictured above) that applies mathematics to language, students of the Philosophy learn to understand, and explain with great accuracy, the role name has in creating mind.

Name is the reason Sarah is diplomatic and personable, or why Janice is such a natural mother.

Name plays an important role in the personal satisfaction people feel in their lives and the expression of their true potential. Some names combine mental qualities that are discordant which may cause an individual to feel unhappy or dissatisfied with life. These "unbalanced" names often don't allow an individual to express their true potential and may even enhance negative qualities of mind such as moodiness, cruelty and depression that attract bitter experiences.

Other names combine mental qualities that are complimentary to each other, causing an individual to feel naturally positive and expressive. Such a "balanced" name-as it is called in the Kabalarian Philosophy-attracts positive experiences, allows an individual to live their potential and accentuates ideal qualities of mind. Fortunately, names can be changed, therefore changing the qualities mind created by that name. Such a change can alter the course of a life. If done with purpose and understanding, that change can be for the good.

Through the study of the Kabalarian Philosophy, which begins with Life Analysis Training, you can learn and prove for yourself the truth of mind and name. Furthermore, you can begin to apply the concepts to your own life as part of your personal growth.

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