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Real Life Story

The following story is of a Kabalarian student who has graciously volunteered to share her experience.

Lorenda Bardell

Occupation: Office Manager
Student Centre: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Story: Written by Lorenda

Suffering with asthma and hay fever during my youth and keeping it somewhat controlled through the use of medication, I was appreciative of finding the Kabalarian Philosophy and the true reason for the health condition-my name. After changing my name, the symptoms which I had experienced for over ten years started to diminish. I became a much happier and healthier person.

Once I had studied the Healthy Living program (after Life Analysis Training and Cycle Management Training) I decided to try the Kabalarian Cleansing Diet. I stayed on the program for a full year and after that time, my asthma and hay fever were gone. It was a miracle to think that I could be responsible for my own well being. For a couple of years, if I had been eating too many sweets and starches, I experienced mild symptoms of hay fever especially in the spring. Only a few days on the Kabalarian Cleansing Diet led to full health. I have observed many, many people regain lost health from dietary, relaxation and breathing practices of the Kabalarian Philosophy.