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What is Authentic Happiness?

by Dhorea Delain

Here we are on the crest of a new year when many people look into their own futures with optimism and hope. In many cases, we look forward to a future of happiness. Yet, we are often confronted by the problem of not being able to achieve authentic happiness from fleeting emotion. Most importantly, we often don’t even know what the keys to happiness in our own lives are.

The knowledge of the basic Spiritual Principle taught in the Kabalarian Philosophy is the true key to authentic happiness. This is because the understanding of the Spiritual Principle leads to the understanding of the pattern of growth and that authentic happiness is a state of being constantly achieved over time and through personal progress. Stated in another way, authentic happiness is a state of mind which can be created only when mind is in harmony with its own inner source of Consciousness and is expressing its spiritual purpose.

All of life unfolds in a definite pattern: spring, summer, autumn, and winter follow a natural law of unfoldment. A seed placed in the ground with proper nourishment, sunlight, and water unfolds its reason for being through various stages of growth until its fruition time when the new seeds drop to the ground to continue the cycle of growth. You never see a plant bearing fruit before the bud and blossom time. These examples indicate that nature automatically allows a pattern of growth to unfold through time. Following these natural patterns and fulfilling purpose leads to authentic happiness.

Man too is born into time and has the opportunity to fulfil a specific purpose, if he understands his potential role which is created with the first breath of life. We measure time through the revolution of the earth around the sun, charting the individual hours in a day, and then we designate schedules and habits, etc. It takes time for the physical body to grow into adolescence and, finally, maturity. If the physical body is protected, well-fed, given a proper environment and a balance mind, it grows naturally and experiences authentic happiness.

However, man is different from other species for he must learn to understand what creates his thinking, his experiences in life, and how to direct his mind along a constructive outlet. It is impossible for man to simply exist instinctively and live authentic happiness. Physical growth and mental growth represent two different laws of life by which we must abide. Mind is a law unto itself and can be understood only through a complete knowledge of the basic Mathematical Principle.

Everything in life is measureable and can be understood through mathematics. It is an immutable law and infallible principle, and in order to have logic and reason one must rely upon this principle, as has been proven by science. The relationship of mathematics to language must be understood in order to create balance and harmony and happiness in mind. Man does not speak in mathematical formula, but he uses language in order to express himself and think.

The first breath of life awakens and motivates the physical body. But a child requires a name in order to become individualized and bring into being laws of conscious expression of mind. Language is the keyboard of intelligence; it is the link to thought and mind, for it is the only way man can create, analyze, weigh, measure, or destroy, or constructively create his life. It is a sacred responsibility to name and individual, for name is the channel through which one’s mind is developed.

Is it not true that often within one family every child is completely individual in his nature? Ideals, desires and personal characteristic can be so different that it is an unsolvable problem as to how to reach each child or give the understanding required. This is where unhappiness, distortion of mind, and unnatural conditions occur, and is the basic reason for the misunderstanding between people. Therefore, when such misunderstandings create the foundation of mind, how can one look to his future and know definitely that he will find authentic happiness, success and fulfilment that should rightfully be his?

Each year should mark a period of growth wherein a foundation is created for the next. As man learns to work in harmony with time, he will then be able to designate exactly what he should be creating in his life and look forward to each year with the thought of accomplishment, and thus reap the rewards according to the efforts put forth at the proper time.

Nature represents balance and harmony and this state must exist in man’s affairs also. He must understand his spiritual and inner purpose, created at birth, and express his potential through his thinking, or mind, which is created by the name. Therefore, one requires a balanced perspective. Man then has the opportunity to give expression to his own source of Consciousness. It is not natural to be sick or to suffer, but it occurs when one’s mind is unbalanced, lacks the knowledge of basic truths and is not experiencing authentic happiness.

Life is very short and there is so much to be accomplished that it behoves each one of us to put forth the effort to think beyond oneself and one’s own desires. As noted above, authentic happiness is a state of mind which can be created only when mind is in harmony with its own inner source of Consciousness and is expressing its spiritual purpose. This comes through self-discipline and the sincere intent of giving to one’s fellow man through love and wisdom. There is no greater power than giving universally, for it releases an uplifting and positive quality that can be likened unto the rays of the sun giving light and life to the earth.

If you want to change your pattern of thinking and have greater control over your life, you must seek into the basic Spiritual Principle. In its teachings you will find a wealth of knowledge that, if applied, will bring untold happiness.

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