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The Power of Potential

Each one of us has an innate positive power called the inner potential or the birthpath. It is our individual path in life that nature intends us to follow in order to grow, to be successful, to be happy, and to achieve mental freedom. It is our unique purpose.

Your birthpath is not your destiny. Rather, it reveals the quality of person you are meant to become including:

  • your natural strengths and weaknesses
  • your compatibility with others
  • the careers in which you will most likely succeed and be most happy
  • the situations where you would find the greatest contentment and well-being.

Your birthpath is determined at birth when the first breath of life enters your body. It cannot be changed. The date of birth (month, day, and year) indicates the qualities of your potential. Whether the qualities of your potential are expressed in your life depends upon the balance or relativity of your mind, since it is through human mind that our potential expresses. You may neither express nor recognize much of your potential because it has not been allowed to express through your mind. In other words, there is an imbalance between the inner potential and the mind. (The creation of mind and your pattern of thinking is discussed in the article You are Your Name.)

You may think of people in your life who are square pegs in round holes—who never seem to achieve what they want out of life and who are rarely happy with their lot. You may even feel that way about yourself. Your individual potential or birthpath is your unique purpose in life. Once you can see the path to achieving that purpose, you have taken an important step to mental freedom.

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