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Philosophy Study

Life Analysis Training

Study of the Kabalarian Philosophy begins with Life Analysis Training. In this online study program, you will discover the Mathematical Principle, which will provide you with an understanding of your true potential and how your name influences the conditions of your life. This study is the first step in personal spiritual growth and understanding the deeper truths of life.


  • the nine basic characteristics of human behaviour
  • name analysis
  • birthpath—your inner potential
  • compatibility and relationships
  • benefits of a balanced name
  • careers for each type of individual
  • description of all possible name combinations
  • effect of names upon businesses, objects, and pets

Materials you will receive:


  • 10 comprehensive online video classes (12 hours of presentations)
  • 200 pages of downloadable PDF written lesson reference material
  • watch, listen, and read at your own pace


  • each class has a workbook which will help you follow through the video classes
  • each class has online work groups to test your knowledge
  • work groups are submitted online to your assistant for comments and further explanation

Assistant Mentoring

  • personal assistance and support for your work groups and questions
  • mentoring by email or phone for all your questions

Record of Completion

  • sent to you on completion of course
Full Course Details

Life Analysis Training is a prerequisite for other programs such as Cycle Management Training and Healthy Living.