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Cycle Chart

The Kabalarian tool for understanding how time affects you

The power of time is more than just quantity—it is the quality of time that affects us in every moment of our lives. Understanding this quality gives you the opportunity to work with time—not against it—to achieve the success and mental freedom you deserve.

The Kabalarian study of cycles is available by enroling in Cycle Management Training after completing the introductory study of name in Life Analysis Training.

You can get started working with your personal cycle right away: The Kabalarian Cycle Chart is an easy-to-use guide detailing the yearly, monthly and daily effects of the cycles on your life including tips on how you can get the most out of you daily life. There are nine Cycle Charts each describing the nine unique annual cycles. After obtaining a complete set of nine, you and your family can work with your cycles for many years to come. Of course, you may wish to start by obtaining just the Cycle Chart for your own currnt cycle.

Sample Cycle Charts

2 Cycle Year - January (pdf)
5 Cycle Year - August (pdf)
9 Cycle Year - November (pdf)

Your Cycle Chart will give profound insight into how time affects your personal and business life and will include:

An overview of The Cyclic Law

  • A detailed year summary
  • A diary page for yearly objectives
  • A detailed monthly summaries
  • Monthly diary pages to make notes of objectives, influences, and experiences for future reference
  • Detailed daily summaries with key hours for important undertakings

To start working with your cycle today, you can order your personal Cycle Chart for this year in electronic or coil-bound book format. A half-year electronic edition is also available.

For more information on Cycles, visit the FAQ.