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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a cycle?

Time has always been a mystery, but we know there are patterns of time that consistently occur and recur. These are cycles. Your annual, monthly, daily, and hourly cycles are qualities of time that are always affecting you and influencing your personal growth. Your date of birth determines your individual cycle.

2. How does my cycle affect me?

You can think about your cycles as similar to seasons of time. There are times when it is appropriate to plant seeds, times when those seeds must grow, and times when the plant that grew from the seed must be harvested or return to the earth. Our cycles affect us in a similar way.

For us, there are specific times when we should start a new project and specific times when we should finish a project. This same principle also applies to relationships, investments, education, or any other element of our lives. As with plant growth, we are more successful when we act in tune with the cycle or season. If we do something out of cycle, our plans will not work out as they should—as though we had planted seeds in the winter instead of the spring.

To know more about your personal cycle, get your personalized Cycle Chart.

3. Does time influence my life?

Through experience and analysis, we have learned that time is not just a counting system. Time affects us similarly to the way seasons affect the earth. You may think of your own experience with time and consider some of the years that you may have found challenging or relaxing or extremely busy. You may not have changed, but your cycle of time did. Our cycles show us the natural pattern of growth that we are following through time. Understanding our cycles lets us work with time to be more successful.

4. Can I change the cycle I am in?

Each of us is born at a specific time and it is our birth that initiates our cycle. You cannot change your cycle. Instead, it is important to understand your cycle and work within it to achieve success.

5. Why isn't everyone in the same cycle?

Our cycle is determined at the time we are born. At that moment, we become part of a cyclical pattern of time that is constantly moving. As people are born at different times, they begin their own individual cycles. We may meet many people who are in the same cycle as we are, but will meet many more people who are experiencing different cycles.

6. Are there good cycles and bad cycles?

Cycles are neither good nor bad. Instead, they should be thought of as similar to the seasons. Summer is neither good nor bad, but it is unique. In other words, summer is typically a growth period where plants that have germinated in the spring grow toward achieving their potential. The same is with cycles: cycles describe the conditions that affect us as we progress through time. Our cycles tell us about the season of life we have experienced, are experiencing, or will experience.

To learn more about your personal cycle, we encourage you to get your personalized Cycle Chart.

7. I am buying a house. What should I know about my cycle?

Buying a house is a significant investment and the quality of your cycle will affect the success or challenges facing any major investment. There are periods of time that are more apt to such investments while other periods are not appropriate.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about your cycle and how it will affect you.

8. What happens if I choose to ignore my cycle?

Whether you understand or ignore your cycle, it will always be there creating the environment for the year, month, day, and even hour. Ignoring your cycle is the equivalent to ignoring natural patterns of time: like the farmer who decides to plant in the fall when he should have planted in the spring. Ignoring your cycle will mean that your plans and projects may not turn out as expected.

As you can expect, many people ignore or do not know about their cycles. This is like gambling with your success and your future: sometimes it will work out, but often it will not. Students of the Kabalarian Philosophy take the guess work out of their futures by applying a proved knowledge of time.

9. Who made up the concept of cycles?

There have always existed concepts of patterns of time (however simple or complex), each with a specific quality. For example, there are the moon phases, Haley’s Comet, the ebb and flow of tides, day and night, the seasons, the migratory cycles of birds, and many other examples. As an extension to this, the Kabalarian Philosophy uniquely applies mathematics to time to help us accurately measure and understand our personal cycles. It is important for us to share this knowledge with you so that you can use it to improve your life. Therefore, we offer individualized Cycle Charts and teach Cycle Management Training on how to calculate cycles for you and others.

10. The members of my family are all in different cycles. What does this mean?

It is quite common for family members to have different cycles. While it does not affect your personal cycle, it means that you must consider the quality of all your family members’ cycles when making decisions that affect the whole family (such as a move, vacation, or even a family outing). This situation adds a little more complexity to decision-making but it ultimately results in the success and happiness of the whole family.

Do you have a question that’s not asked above? We are happy to help you with the answers.

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