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Real Life Story

The following story is of a Kabalarian student who has graciously volunteered to share his experience.

Daken Ariel

Student since 1981
Occupation: Small business owner
Student Centre: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Story: Written by Daken

I enrolled in the Life Analysis Training program when I was 23 years old, and learned how to use the Mathematical Principle taught therein. I tested it on everyone I knew: my work associates, my friends, and my family. It worked consistently, and I concluded it was in my best interests to take a balanced name. If it works, why fight a basic law of mind? I took this approach, being practical, scientific, and cautious.

I did recognize the balanced name influence in my career very quickly. Within 3 months of changing to a balanced name, I attracted a job at another company doing the same work for a 25% salary increase. That was a quick return on my investment in a new name! I found that specific weaknesses of my old names, described in the Name Report, diminished over a period of time. As I continued my studies in the Kabalarian Philosophy, I attribute some of these changes to the balanced name and some to being more aware of my strengths and weaknesses through the Mathematical Principle taught in the study programs. This awareness helped accelerate many constructive changes initiated by the balanced name.

My health did improve after the balanced name, although I was not suffering from ill-health. As I applied the Kabalarian teachings taught in their Healthy Living program, I felt lighter and more vital. I don't mean I lost weight. I just felt more vibrant and energetic. Again, I am sure the balanced name contributed to this, but the lifestyle principles taught in the Healthy Living course were a major contributor as well.

My ability to accomplish my personal goals improved with the balanced name. I attribute this to the accumulative and stable destiny number influence of the balanced name. I balanced the name of my business through Kalex Business Services when I was 27. I have been running this company for 24 years so far. I am sure that my balanced company name is an important contribution to our business progress. Having a happy and long-lasting marriage can be attributed to both our balanced names. This principle has given us a direct way to understand our thinking and our inner natures. Because we understand each other better, and share common ideals, creating a happy marriage is much more attainable. An understanding of one's inner nature has helped me immensely. It is part of what makes us who we are. Although this awareness can help in career planning, it impacts on everything we do. I have been fortunate to learn and apply the laws taught by the Kabalarian Philosophy. They have helped create a more balanced and happy life with greater vitality, health, stability and success. The balanced name was a vital first step in creating more balance in my life. The important second step was understanding these principles which allowed me to create greater balance, well-being, and success.

Daken Ariel