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Spiritual, yet Scientific, Practical Philosophy:
      The Kabalarian Philosophy

The Kabalarian Philosophy is a spiritual, yet scientific, practical philosophy that teaches the basic laws of right living and the principle through which all people understand their purpose in life, the laws through which physical, mental, and spiritual progress can be made. What does all this have to do with mathematics? The answer is everything, because all life is mathematical whether it is measured or not.

Practical Philosophy

Learn To Interpret Mathematics

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Practical Philosophy

Science makes all its progress through the exact measurement of mathematical formulae. A philosopher can also make philosophical progress through the knowledge of mathematics and language, the two basic principles of life. This is the basis for a practical philosophy.

Do not think of mathematics merely from the quantitative aspect as a system of counting, but consider the qualitative aspect. It is true that one plus one equals two, yet one and one does not always equal two in qualitative terms. Thus this necessitates an understanding of the Basic Principle through which numbers can be understood. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 represent the graduations of mathematical intelligence, and through knowledge of the qualities of each number one can correlate the relationship between language (the only channel of intelligence) and mathematics (the measuring stick).

Each number is complete within itself and its qualities can be clearly defined. In the unfoldment of life, there is no individual species that is more important than another; each fulfils its purpose and plays a part in the scheme of life. Each number is the symbol of a specific purpose and quality. Eliminating any number would make the principle incomplete.

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Learn to Interpret Mathematics

There is a need for humankind to learn the true interpretation of numbers and recognize the philosophical value of mathematics in one's life. Individually, intelligence is determined by the quality of one's thinking.

You can understand the creation of thought and mind through mathematics. Here is the key to revealing why language and mathematics are the two basic laws of being. Without language we cannot think. Thus the alphabet is our link to mind and intelligence. What is your link with the alphabet? The answer is your name. It is what creates your identity. When mathematics is applied to your name, then the qualities of intelligence can be determined. Who are you - but your name?

No doubt you have often wondered what creates the difference in people, why each child in a family differs or why twins are usually so different. There is a reason. Here is the most important key to understanding human mind. It is all contained within the Mathematical Principle taught by the Kabalarian Philosophy.

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Your Personal Name Report

Through the Name Report service, your thinking, experiences, state of health, and success in life can be revealed. Your personal Name Report is a definition of all the aspects of your life and how they are determined:

From your date of birth:

  • your purpose in life
  • your inner feelings and potential
  • vocations best suited
  • compatibility in friendships, marriage, and business
  • cyclic conditions of the present month and year

From your surname:

  • the qualities of the family into which you were born or married. If you are a woman and assumed your husband's surname at the time of marriage, did you notice there were changes in your feelings and attitudes and your state of health? You will understand why. You will also have a better understanding of and tolerance family members.
  • weaknesses in health
  • the type of work into which these people would be drawn. It could be quite opposite to that indicated by their date of birth. The frustration created would spoil success.

From your first name:

  • a personality study, revealing a nature known only to yourself, perhaps, and hidden from others: individual and independent? passive and procrastinating? expressive? temperamental? fastidious or scattering? jealous and possessive? self conscious? weaknesses in health

From your nickname (if any):

  • whether it modifies the characteristics of the first name, or creates an intense discord by being an unrelated or opposing force.

The combination of your first and last names also shows your:

Mental environment:

  • is it stable, peaceful, and content? lonely and fraught with misunderstandings? Do you attract associations that add something worthwhile and constructive to your life? distract you from your ideals and ambitions? lean upon you emotionally and financially?

Working environment:

  • is it conducive to your ambitions, or is it distracting you from the opportunities you desire? demanding of your technical, systematic ability, or expressive, inspirational talents? offering the remuneration you deserve?

From your business signature you will also learn about the

  • degree of financial success, type of work, and association in the business world.

Your personal Name Report will help you to understand your thinking and life to a greater degree.

Just as a movie projects a story onto a screen, so too, your thinking, created by your names, is reflected upon the screen of life. The important point is, what is the story all about? Is it one of tragedy, over-seriousness, mental pressures, confusion, and instability, or one of happiness, harmony, balance, health, and success? All this can be revealed through your personal Name Report.

Remove the mystery of mind and discover the Basic Principle that will reveal the truth behind mathematics and its relationship to you!

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The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches that name is the single biggest factor related to our happiness, success, and health.

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