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The Origin of Thought

[An excerpt from this article first appeared in the December, 1999 issue of our free newsletter]

"Life, as Kabalarians conceive it, is the existence and expression of the Principle of Reason and Reality, or cause and effect. Reality is the finite expression or mirrored reflection of cause and Reason, creating the duality of expression of the Principle of Life which is the intelligence of the power of life, the ongoing expression of being. It incorporates the intelligence and power of involution of Reason down into form and the evolution of form back again to Reason for being. The intelligence of the Principle of Life expressing through involution is the cause of life bringing Reason into reality and, through evolution, reality back to Reason. Reason includes the blueprint of reality, which enables cause to motivate Reason (intelligence) into form, which has potential, purpose, and culmination. The Principle is the intelligence of the allness of being, creating harmony, balance, and beauty in life.

Reason remains invisible in the finite plane except through the intelligence of form and growth, which allows the invisible power of Reason to be understood through its reflection in form, which is a pattern of intelligence having measurable qualities and quantities. Reason, by itself, is unknowable except through the progressive concepts of understanding of the finite expression of the Principle, which expands comprehension of reality to explain the Reason behind all life.

Universal Intelligence

Universal Intelligence is the comprehension of Reason expressing through the pattern of life as laws and principles. Reason is the intelligence of all life and Universal Intelligence is the full understanding of those laws and principles.

Channels of Expression

Reason is an abstract power having potential for intelligent expression and finding its expression through the principle of involution, which causes the power of Reason to establish itself within form as tangible manifestations of energy having patterns of motion. Combined influences of this energy create the appearance of structural form and dimension. Varying degrees of energy reflecting the pattern of intelligent form create the atomic matter of life with its complex inner workings and outer relationships. When form is reduced to its simplest, most basic nature, it is energy in motion reflecting an intelligent pattern of existence.

The atomic format of energy in form provides the building blocks of the finite universe. Reason expressing as the Principle of Life causes the atomic structure to respond to the energy of intelligence reflected through the principle of evolution and directs the atomic form to unfold the potential of Reason.

The patterns of form reflect varying degrees of intelligence: some form is without active life; some form permits limited activity of intelligent life, whereas other expressions of form permit the unfoldment of Reason through involved and complex patterns of active life, each of which is a channel for the expression of Reason and a finite example of Universal Intelligence. As the patterns of form change because of the cyclic patterns of intelligence expressing through form, so do the vehicles or channels of expression change, producing an ongoing kaleidoscope of Reason within form.

Vehicles of Consciousness

Water is the basic form of intelligent expression, which permits the unfoldment of the potential of Reason through developed forms of active life. Without water, life is inactive; with water, active life can commence, exist, grow, and complete the intelligent pattern of its Reason for being. All species of life, as we know it, unfold varying levels of intelligent potential, some extremely limited and some extremely complex. Life reflects a sliding scale of intelligent potential and expression, each species being complete within itself, each form having its own potential and fulfilment through the expression of that potential. The scale of life has many divisions but the most important division is that of instinctive Reason versus conscious Reason. All species other than human beings are compelled by an inner power of Reason to unfold their potential according to patterns of intelligence which determine the survival and procreation of the species and their contribution as a balancing factor in the pattern of life. Species beneath human beings have no control over their existence other than to follow their instincts to survive and reproduce within the framework of their environment. Human beings, however, have the ability to control their existence; to direct their actions consciously to develop their potential of Reason; and, through that reasoning ability, to fulfil their potential by attaining Consciousness of Universal Intelligence.

The emanating power of Reason strives to find expression through available channels as intelligent patterns of growth and fulfilment. The various strata of life forms reflect this potential according to the potential of intelligence and the limitation of these forms. Human beings are that unique structure of form which permits the potential of Conscious Intelligence to develop. This is possible because their nervous systems respond to the intelligent pattern of symbolism reflected through mathematical and alphabetical symbols, which permit the power of Reason and intelligence to be understood through conception of form.

The power of Reason is like a huge reservoir of intelligence ever ready to express through any available opening. Changing celestial patterns, altered environmental conditions on the earth, adaptation and survival of the fittest forms of life, all create different channels of expression for the pattern of intelligence and the power of Reason.

Current scientific thought accepts the gradual evolving expression of intelligence culminating in recent times as conscious awareness. This idea is a reflection of the observation of the physical growth of the many life forms over the ages, but it fails to understand the role of Consciousness as a vehicle for Reason and the necessity for Reason to be involved in form in order for form to exist. Scientific thinking accepts the conscious awareness of human beings as the final awakening of higher expressions of intelligence through the evolution of animal forms of life. It is like the blossoming of a flower at or near the end of the cycle of growth of a plant; humanity's intelligent expression is thought to be the culmination of eons of evolutionary progress. This would infer that the power and potential of the seed can direct and control the growth of the plant to fulfil- ment. This is only applicable to all instinctive forms of life but not to the conscious role of human beings. The bloom of mind must be in expression for the vehicle of consciousness, not only to survive but to grow and fulfil its purpose and potential.

Viewed objectively, life is like a plant, which must have within its nucleus the power of life or the power of Reason to live. Without this power, the plant dies. Where is the nucleus of life? What is that power that keeps life in existence? Just as with a plant wherein the power of life has ceased to exist, bringing dissolution of form; so too would life, as we know it, cease to exist if the power of Consciousness were not present through the expression of conscious awareness by the mind of humanity. The form of life is but a concept of Consciousness; and should that concept cease to express, the form of life would evaporate, just as an electromagnetic field collapses upon the cessation of the flow of electrical current.

The concepts of life through mind establish the pattern of intelligence reflected in form. The more mind is balanced, expressing harmony, understanding, cooperation, and unity, the more life will reflect the same qualities. When concept is limited to emotional desires, physical awareness, and acquisitive wants, life will reflect the discords of human misery and confusion of the species. If mass mind degenerates too far, life reflects a cleansing action destroying the discords and allowing another opportunity for constructive growth to recommence.

Formation of Finite Intelligence

Alpha-numerical symbolism permits the finite expression of concepts of intelligent understanding. The Principle of Life is expressed in forms with intelligent patterns, the understanding of which can be symbolized in mathematical equations or words of languages. Thought is immutably linked to alpha-numerical symbolism. The power of Reason and the potential of Consciousness are impotent until given life and power through the expression of thought, concept, and understanding, possible only through the utilization of mathematics and language. The alpha-numerical symbols are to consciousness what the atomic elements are to form: they are the vehicles for the expression of a greater power called Reason.

Languages range from the primitive to the sophisticated and each permits its relative degree of intelligent expression and comprehension. The development of language is directly reflective of the development of mind: the more advanced mind becomes, the more sophisticated is the language, which now in turn allows for greater development of mind, which is reflected in another advancement in the development of language. What comes first, language or mind? What comes first, the electro-magnetic field or the current of electricity? One is never without the other and both are simultaneous in expression.

Any language is therefore the finite form of conscious expression and is the vehicle for thought. The Mathematical Principle applied to the position of alphabetical symbols provides the means of measuring and understanding the expression of the conscious powers of life. This understanding permits the creation of harmonious channels of, and for, conscious expression. Imbalance and discord are the obvious results when language is used with the lack of understanding of the Mathematical Principle.

Creative Thinking

Can a plant produce any form of growth which is not already a part of the intelligence within the seed? Can we create any form of intelligent expression which is not already a part of Reason or Universal Consciousness? The genetic structure of every seed determines the growth and expression of every plant form. The intelligent structure of every name determines the development and characteristic expression of every mind. Each name becomes an opening through which the reservoir of Universal Intelligence finds expression relative to the blueprint of conscious expression. A multitude of conditions influence the development of that expression: environment, example, guidance, encouragement, discipline, repression, distortion, imbalance, and obsession, to itemize a few.

Just as the growth of a plant from a seed requires good soil, sufficient moisture, and sunlight in order to reach maturity and fulfilment of the species, so too must each mind have constructive conditions permitting its correct development and the fulfilment of its potential to become a clear channel for expression of conscious intelligence. Creative thinking is the bringing into form corrctly of the inner potential of the individual as it should be according to the Principle of Life. Creative thinking is not thinking something different from others or attempting to fabricate an original idea about life just to be different, but rather it is a clear channel for Reason to find expression in life and to bring about the perfect reflection of Reason with reality.

The Origin of Thought

Where do thoughts originate? Why do minds express the thoughts they do? Thoughts are but the finite form of formless intelligence. That the sky appears blue is a part of the intelligence of life. The formless intelligence is given factual expression through the thought, "The sky is blue," in every language in existence. Where do these thoughts originate? Do they cause intelligence to be understood or do they provide comprehension of Reason? Thoughts are immutably linked to Reason and the conscious awareness of life. Thoughts are to conscious awareness as an electro-magnetic field is to an electric current. Vary the current and the medium for the current and the field is altered. Vary the language, the level of mental concept and the form of thought is varied.

Life is but a concept. Concept is the result of thinking. Thinking is the acquiring of understanding by bringing Reason into form through thought.

We can guide our thinking to refine the expression of Reason by using the guidelines of logic, truth, and analysis to produce clear understanding of the universal laws unfolding the Principle of Life.

Universality of thought creates universality of mind and permits the unrestricted, non-distorted expression of the potential of the inner quality of Reason through the manifestation of Universal Consciousness as a concept of life based on the understanding of the Principle of Being.

Seek always to be universal in concept and universal in expression in order to discover the potential of being and the true joy of living to the fulfilment of one's purpose."

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