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Basic Principle Behind Life

Life ... A Matter of Principle

One of the greatest advancements in civilized progress will be the recognition by the human race that life exists because of an intelligent cause and functions according to an immutable principle. There is a basic principle behind life. A great number of people fail to see any relationship to the cause and effect principle of life. They accept whatever happens as being divine will, fate, or merely circumstance.

For example, should someone get sick, many people sincerely think it unfortunate, perhaps the expression of some disease, but they fail to think more deeply into the subject. What has caused that person to become sick? Could there be a further explanation than some errant germs? Why should sickness exist in life? Is it necessary? Is life not supposed to be the reflection of God the Principle, which is the essence of good and perfection? Then why are we here on earth suffering so much misfortune, unhappiness, sickness, warfare, starvation, etc.? What have we done or not done to permit such a discordant state to develop and to exist?

Mankind must come to realize that life is the expression of laws or principles. If such laws are broken or ignored, then a penalty results. The penalty is suffering and, as a result, missing the joy of living a happy, harmonious life, experiencing the many beauties that life has to offer.

Mankind will be forced to recognize, sooner or later, that living in the emotions and desires results directly in bitter experiences, frustrations, and discords. Instead, it will be understood that as mind constructively develops and express logical reasoning in living habits, life will reflect the balance and beauty of thinking. They will then have the purpose, the reason, and the incentive for putting forth personal effort to live a constructive life in accordance with the immutable laws governing human existence.

It is known that we must live within certain physical laws such as gravity, electricity, magnetism, nuclear power, and many others. It is also appreciated that the body cannot tolerate certain substances which, for that reason, are labelled "poison". Why, then, does that intelligence not extend to the natural law of body balance and harmonious functioning, for our way of life includes many bad, unintelligent habits which poison and destroy the bodies, perhaps more slowly, but just as surely. For example, smoking, drinking, taking of drugs, and eating of wrong foods all show a lack of common sense when one considers the reason of the body - that of serving as a vehicle for the spirit - and how abusing the body interferes with man fulfilling its purpose and achieving its destiny. It may seem like a small point but it represents the fundamental weakness of our civilization: that of living for the satisfaction of one's desires instead of living to fulfil the reason for one's existence and thereby finding the ultimate in happiness when living in accordance with the natural or divine law.

Too often it is thought foolish, childish, or embarrassing to seem to be trying to live a good or divine type of life, but that is because it has been associated only with the church and religion and not as it should be - with the logic and intelligence of the conscious forces behind and manifesting through life. What is weak or wrong with being healthy, vital, constructive, happy, and helping to make life better for others? But how can one live such a life? Only by knowing and teaching others the basic principles governing life.

The principles of life can be divided into the physical, mental, and spiritual laws. The body serves as the temple of the spirit and the vehicle for its expression. Therefore, the physical laws are an expression of the intelligence which determines the fulfilment of that purpose, i.e., the health, vitality, and harmonious functioning of the physical body. Proper foods, relaxation, exercise, deep breathing, cleanliness, etc., are covered under the physical laws. The mental laws govern the establishment of a balanced, constructive, principled mind which asserts intelligent control over the body and the physical desires. This is achieved through the application of the knowledge of the Mathematical Principle, which creates balance in mind and control of destinies.

The spiritual laws govern the unfoldment of one's inner potential to the state of Universal Consciousness, which is the expression of the wisdom of life for the benefit of all. Every person born has the potential of becoming a revelator of divine truth and wisdom and thus achieving the fulfilment of the highest ideals.

The reason humanity is not progressing in life is that the constructive principles of life are not being taught and we are not being encouraged to sacrifice the immediate satisfaction of the senses for the unappreciated, but the much more valuable state of individuality, mental freedom, and spiritual attainment which results from application to the physical, mental, and spiritual laws.

We must seek the understanding of the laws of life under which we exist and must live in accordance with these laws, which will bring beauty, harmony, and peace into reality and thus we will we find the true joy in living.

The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches the understanding of the fundamental laws of human existence, the principles of constructive living, and the spiritual ideals for mankind. Through the study and application of this universal philosophy, you, too, can gain a new concept of the principles of life and discover for yourself the joy of living in harmony with the laws of Universal Consciousness.