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What's in Your Name?


The title of, What's In Your Name? is designed to create comment, for certainly the average person has given but little consideration to the power of his own destiny and that of the whole human family-the Power of the Word. A survey of human thinking discloses the fact that no one seems to know from where his thinking comes, what decides its degree of intelligence, and upon what path it is: scientific, literary, mechanical, inspirational, or spiritual. No one knows upon what subject he will be thinking minutes later, or to what state of emotion his thoughts will lead him. The responsibility for the individual expression called human thinking cannot be placed upon a divine source, for all spiritual essence has been squeezed out of human thinking and man seems to live in the dregs of human emotion, self-satisfaction, greed, and wholesale destruction - physically, mentally, and emotionally. All refinement and culture is gradually disappearing from our civilization. What can we expect? The Scripture tells us: "A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit." (St. Matthew 7:18) Consequently, we see this lack of principle in our modern youth of today.

There seems to be a concerted attempt to repress or destroy all that is fine and beautiful in every phase of inspirational expression and in all forms of the arts. If man does not understand the source or origin of his own thinking, how can he control the effect? Why do we find extreme criminal tendencies in our youth from every walk of life-not just confined to the lesser privileged, but from the finest of the families? Is this a divine dispensation or a human distortion of the facts of life and the lack of realization that: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God"? (St. John 1:1)

What can man know-without language? Can you think, or translate a picture or an experience without the use of language in your thinking? Can you listen to and translate what you hear-without language? Think about it, and you may learn some of the greatest truths of the age-and you may find the basic solution to all human problems. Human mind through language is the only divine channel of interpretation of conscious intelligence.

What's in Your Name? could be elucidated by: "What form of intelligence is there, outside of language?" It is the only medium of translation, i.e., in conjunction with mathematics.

Yours in Service,

Alfred J. Parker

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