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Cycle Report

Your Cycle Chart will give profound insight into how time affects all aspects of your life. Your personal cycle is based on your date of birth. Much more than a calendar, your personal cycle chart explains the universal qualities of time that affect you and helps you to make well-informed decisions on your personal and professional development.

The Kabalarian Cycle Chart gives information about the yearly, monthly and daily effects of the cycles on your life. It includes tips on how you can get the most out of your time. There are nine Cycle Charts available for purchase each describing the nine unique annual cycles. With a complete set of nine, you and your family can work with your cycles for many years to come.

Each Chart includes:

  • an overview of the Cyclic Law
  • an explanation on how time influences your entire life
  • the right times to make decisions and take actions
  • details on the conditions of your current cycle year
  • monthly cycle descriptions for January through December
  • daily cycle information with key hours for important undertakings
  • journal pages for creating your yearly and monthly objectives
  • phone consultation to answer your questions

Cycle Charts can be ordered in electronic or coil-bound book format.

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