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Thoughts are Things

Prologue Thoughts Are Things is a book intended to define the true meaning of the Power of the Word in its relationship to thought. Little or nothing is known about human mind, or where thought originates, or the actual power that lies in mind and thought. The only channel of conscious intelligence upon this earth is used too loosely, even in the matter of education. The world has sadly lacked a basic principle concerning mind, thought, and its reality in speech.

We are told that: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." (St. John 1:1) This should be easily understood, as the Scripture is full of the expression and God said thus proving that the greatest part of God is what God said. Originally, it was not intended to convey that God was a personal being who made personal utterances, although this idea was accepted into the Scripture. Nevertheless, what is said or any form of conscious expression can be brought down to reality only through the Power of the Word, through the alphabet and its component part, punctuation--the latter giving the inflection or the music and feeling to the thought, thus conscious expression. The lack of inflection and feeling in our present-day speech is robbing our language of much of its intelligence as the human race sinks into a speech of feelingless monotone.

Is it to be wondered that present-day intelligence is falling into a state of mental inertia? When speech has lost its conscious expressed intelligence, the door to mental and spiritual progress is truly closed tight, and animal emotion will kill out all refinement, culture, and mental balance. Proper speech based upon proper articulation, punctuation, inflection, and emotional expression should be the basis of our educational system. If thoughts are things, they should be living conscious things that contain the universal feeling and message of the God Consciousness: the very quality and intelligent power of our being. For too long the Power of the Word, the only channel of divine expression, has been relegated to mediocrity through uncontrolled emotion and passion because the lack of understanding of the relativity of Universal Consciousness to the reality of being has produced a deadly monotony in human speech, and cultured and refined expression has been relegated to the limbo of the lost.


Yours In Service.

Alfred J. Parker

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