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Religion is the theoretical aspect of human life‚ÄĒsomething to ponder upon, a seeming mystery that to many seems to defy translation. All recognize the duality of being: the spirit or abstract side of life and the practicality of material existence. Man needs the knowledge to walk the middle path of life. Without this knowledge he becomes engrossed in the lower emotional channels of mind, and confusion and degeneration becomes the motive power. Man needs to know how his mind may become at-one with Divine Consciousness instead of lost in materiality. His health, peace of mind, and happiness depend upon If disembodied human mind has the ability to think whilst deprived of its body and brain, then why should there be a physical existence in the first place? Why are so many lives in error, when so divinely inspired and chosen?

Because life is considered eternal, theories have been created to show how life is carried on over the ages: how personality manages to survive and the mental capabilities find expression and progression over the aeons of time.

The theory of reincarnation is based upon the perpetuation of human mind from birth to death, and then back again through birth through conscious mental effort. One of the weaknesses of the theory is that it allows a mind the ability to pick a human vehicle of expression in which to become reincarnated, yet the theory denies the mind the knowledge of how to find constructive expression through this self-chosen instrument called

Religion is the theoretical aspect of life, an intangible subject that in most cases does not infringe upon logic and reason but remains a deep mystery that depends mostly upon faith and a great deal of imagination for acceptance. Many and varied are the theories concerning the evolution of human life and man's ultimate destiny, although the most common one is that of the personalized theory of God who dwells in a heaven that might be pictured as a glorified earth, with man retaining much of his earthly characteristics and consciousness. Yet, this theory contains little that is tangible and basic in the approach to human problems.

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