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Kabalarian Cleansing Diet


The mind, body, and spirit are interconnected and balance between these three leads to good health. To understand the spiritual power that came to each of us with the first breath of life and to express one’s innate qualities through mind can lead to joyful living and fulfilment. Constructive thought energies of happiness and contentment serve to strengthen the body and increase the potential for lifetime good health. What we eat and drink also influences our state of health.

Mr. Alfred J. Parker, the founder of the Kabalarian Philosophy, gave its students the Kabalarian Cleansing Diet in the early 50s. Following this diet, many people over the years have regained lost health and found renewed joy in living life free from aches and pains, allergies, sickness, and disease.

Mr. Parker said, "The greatest key to health and mental evolution is the present mystery called mind. Such is the key to all human problems. This, the Kabalarian Philosophy stresses most particularly, and teaches how a balanced mind may be acquired with its attendant peace of mind, health, and happiness. Fear plays one of the greatest parts in the drama of health versus sickness. Remember that happy thoughts are healthy thoughts."

Available as PDF e-mailed to you upon ordering. Price: $10 (US)