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A Universal Perspective


Perspective is one of the basic requirements for mental and spiritual progress. There are two kinds of perspective: the one, more generally related to vision-one's ability to discern a picture, objects, and detail, etc.; but the most basic perspective is one's ability to visualize things not seen by mortal eye, i.e., to discern what lies beneath the surface, partially concealed truths and meanings that are revealed through perspective and analysis. One cannot always see the intent of a thing, an experience, or an action, yet through a full and complete perspective, as well as analysis of actions and experience, it is possible to discern the underlying reasons and often see the results before they have occurred. Without mental perspective one remains mentally and spiritually blind and lost to logic and reason. One should always be searching for reasons, especially those of life and of being, for man has his part to play in the evolutionary principle of life as he represents the balance of being through wisdom. To see is one thing, but fully to comprehend what one sees is something else, and is the key to spirituality.


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Alfred J. Parker

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