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Vancouver Staff

Lorenda Bardell

Lorenda is the office manager of the head office in Vancouver BC, Canada. She is also the President and a Director of the Society of Kabalarians of Canada. She lends her artistic, as well as her administrative talents to the head office. Lorenda is an accomplished speaker on the principles of the Kabalarian Philosophy, and an active participant in panels, public presentations, consulting, and seminars.

Dhorea Delain

Dhorea is the senior Kabalarian Philosophy consultant. She has an in-depth understanding of the Mathematical Principle, which she has used to assist many people in her thirty-five years working at the head office in Vancouver. Dhorea attended classes by the founder, Alfred J. Parker, and, at a young age, was deeply reached with the ideal of assisting humanity. She has spent many years assisting young people, and has participated in numerous musical programs. In addition to teaching the Life Analysis Training seminar, she has been active in radio appearances, panels, public presentations, and seminars in Vancouver and other cities.

Garett Hennigan

Since Garett's introduction to the Kabalarian Philosophy over 25 years ago, he has contributed his time and talents in numerous ways. He headed one of the teams that created our Life Focusing programs and has been part of the head office staff for over 15 years in various capacities including accountant, IT manager, and office manager. He is currently acting as Information Technology Manager after just returning from a well-earned two-year sabbatical with his wife, Carllie, where they sailed their 30' catamaran to Mexico, Hawaii and back. His hobbies include squash, sailing, and music.

Darleane Mahden

Darleane's contributions to the Vancouver head office are many and varied, drawing on her many years of studentship. She currently directs the correspondence division and Kalex Business Consulting Services. Darleane is actively involved in the development of the seminar course material, and has taught our Cycle Management seminar. She loves to travel and meet new people, and is delighted to have the opportunity, in her role at the office, to be talking to interesting people all over the world.

Brooklin Tylor

Brooklin volunteers many hours to help us out at the Vancouver headquarters. She is in charge of course administration and is an expert in creating well-run seminars and classes. Brooklin is also a correspondence student assistant. She enjoys working with and helping new students to understand the principles of the Kabalarian Philosophy. Her background in sales and real estate adds to the professionalism in our office.